Gin Of The Year™ is held by the 16 year established Peak Publishing organisation which operates the largest wine and spirits awards in the World. Gin Of The Year™ takes place annually in London on the following dates:


Gin Of The Year™ 2023
Sample Arrival Period: 15th September – 15th October 2023
Judging Date: 7th November 2023
Results Announced: 20th November 2023

Gin Of The Year™ 2024
Sample Arrival Period: 2nd September – 21st September 2024
Judging Date: 7th October 2024
Results Announced: 21st October 2024

Gin Of The Year™ 2025
Sample Arrival Period: 1st September – 20th September 2025
Judging Date: 6th October 2025
Results Announced: 20th October 2025

Gin Of The Year™ 2026
Sample Arrival Period: 1st September – 18th September 2026
Judging Date: 5th October 2026
Results Announced: 20th October 2026

Gin Of The Year™ 2027
Sample Arrival Period: 4th September – 22nd October 2027
Judging Date: 9 October 2027
Results Announced: 23rd October 2027