What Categories are accepted?
Please refer to the below categories. If yours do not fit into any of the below, email support@ginoftheyear.org – Gin Of The Year Team respond within 24 hours.

G01Classic Gin / London GinGin that derives its primary flavor from juniper, often described as London Dry.
G02Signature Botanical GinA gin that identifies a small number botanical other than juniper that is ment to be highlighted and take the forefront with juniper in a secondary role.
G03Old Tom GinSugar sweetened, botanically sweetened, or botanically intense gin that may be rested in wood barrels.
G04Navy-Strength GinGin bottled at 57% ABV.
G05Genever GinA spirit made from the fermented mash of grains, usually rye, corn, barley, and wheat and distileld with juniper and other botanicals or made from a blend of malt spirt and botanical spirit. Genever may be contain up to 20g of sugar per liter and can only be produced in Belgium, The Netherlands, Départements Nord and Pas- de-Calais in France as well as German Bundesländer Nordrhein-Westfalen and Niedersachsen in Germany.
G06Genever Style GinA gin distilled from a grain base that may be blended with neautral spirit and may be rested in wood barrels.
G07Flavored GinAs defined in the US Standards of Identity
G08Cordial GinAlso know as Gin Liqueur defined in the US Standards of Identity
G09Contemporary GinGin that includes juniper but derives its primary flavors from other botanicals.
G10Compound GinGin made from the blending of single botanical distillates including the distillate of juniper, or neautral spirit flavored with extracts.
G11Aged GinAny gin rested/matured in new or used wood barrels.
G12Pre-Mixed DrinkGin-based Pre-Mixed Drink
G13Non-Alcoholic GinAlcohol (vol%) is 0.0